T & C

Terms and Conditions

1. The Channel Partner(CP)/ REC will need to be registered with RERA and/or have GST/PAN number for real estate business.
2. CP/ REC registration vide this form is mandatory before any promotion/ marketing of the project/ phase.
3. The REC/ CP will advertise product/ project with written consent of the developer for all art wrks, plans, Views, videos, photographs or any other collateral in any manner used for the marketing & sales of the product/ phase/ project.
4. The eligibility of the commission is subject to specifying CP/ REC’s name at the time of registering the enquiry form on the first visit by the customer. CP/ REC need to make their customer's clearly state that they are coming through the particular Channel Partner when interacting for the first time with the sales manager.
5. COMMISSION will be calculated @2% on agreement value.
6. TDS as applicable by the Government policy will be deducted.
7. Commission will be paid only on the registered agreement amount excluding any Govt.Taxes/ Charges like GST (12%), Stamp duty (6%), Registration (1%), Maintenance/ Corpus, Legal/ Challan Charges etc.
8. Invoices for Commission need to be raised by the CP/ REC after registration of agreement and 1st Disbursement from the Bank/Client(In case of Self Funding).
9. Commission of the unit will be paid within 10 days of raising of Invoice.

10. MahaRERA rules & regulations to be followed by the REC/ CP and if any deference will be whole and sole responsibility REC’s/ CP’s alone. 11. Referrals brought in by end customers will NOT be treated as a Channel Partner sale.
12. Application for Channel Partner status is considered to mean that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted by the applicant.
13. If any dispute at anytime will be resolved mutually or by arbitrator appointed with mutual concent and if disputes differences or questions whatsoever which may at any time hereafter arise between the parties shall be governed by and determined in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modifications or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force and in accordance with the provisions thereof. The arbitration proceedings shall be held in Pune.
14. Channel Partner may apply to deregister by giving one month's notice in writing. However, if a customer cancels his or her booking and brokerage has been paid for the same. The company has the right to get a refund from the Channel Partner even if he/she has deregistered.
15. Registration as CP/ REC is considered to mean that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted by the CP/ REC and it’s team.